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Syndicated Finance

Financing facility where we either act as the lead arranger to raise funds on a best efforts basis from a syndicate of banks or financial institutions or we participate in similar syndicates in order to arrange for larger financing requirements of our clients.

pointer icon The entire process is usually completed within 3 months depending on the complexity of the deal
pointer icon In case of us being the lead manager, the client has to maintain relationship only with us instead of a number of financial institutions, thus making the process more simple and efficient
pointer icon Type of facilities range from simple lease financing to a mix of lease and traditional banking products

ILFSL can play the role of an arranger and/or an agent or a participant in a syndication deal.

As a Lead Arranger, ILFSL offers the following service:

pointer icon Conducting due diligence of the client
pointer icon Preparing Information Memorandum (IM)
pointer icon Distributing IM to the targeted financial institutions or banks
pointer icon Negotiating with prospective financiers
pointer icon Coordinating legal and regulatory requirements for deal closing
pointer icon Preparing legal documents and coordinating disbursement
pointer icon Arrange the required fund
pointer icon Distribute the monthly rental among partner financial institutions

As an Agent, our responsibilities include:

pointer icon Acting as the contact point between client and financiers
pointer icon Coordinating subsequent repayment by the client
pointer icon Coordinating completion, maintenance and required amendments of related documents
pointer icon Coordinating compliance of various covenants of the facility
pointer icon Structuring periodic renewal of the pricing of the facility

As an Participant, our responsibilities include:

pointer icon Participating in a syndicated finance arranged by reputed banks or financial institutions

1. LEASE / LOAN Application form - Companydownload
2. LEASE / LOAN Application form - Individualdownload